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We've gathered a list of resources that we refer to again and again and published them so that you can use them too.

Speech Recognition Resources

Industry Standards Organizations

Today, the core standard around which the development of speech recognition start is rapidly becoming VoiceXML (VXML).  A number of additional standards are evolving around and extending VXML to enhance the capabilities including Speech Recognition Grammar Processor (SRGS), Speech Synthesis Markup Language Processor (SSML), Semantic Interpretation for Speech Grammars (SISR), Voice Browser Call Control (CCXML), State Chart XML (SCXML): State Machine Notation for Control Abstraction.  Below are the links to the most current specification for each.

Speech Recognition Blogs

The focus of the president's  blog list is on non-desktop use of speech recognition.

Interesting New Application & Development Tools

  • Voiyager - Dynamic Automatic Application Discovery - This is a great new test tool that we first ran across last fall at Nuance's Conversations conference.  It uses the VXML code from an application to discover and test all of its possible branches.
  • Inference Tuner - Inference Tuner is tool designed to help developers automatically generate grammar files using learning-by-example artificial intelligence techniques. Developers can still use their existing tools to create the VoiceXML for a solution and then develop the grammar files using Tuner.  Grammars (both simple and sophisticated natural language grammar files) can be generated in a fraction of the time taken by traditional techniques; and can be deployed on a wide variety of speech recognition platforms.
  • NuGram Server – A runtime infrastructure (Grammar Server) to serve static grammars and generate dynamic ones.
  • Tropo - An in-the-cloud development platform that lets users create and deploy speech and telephony applications using a simple API (application programming interface).

Have a suggestion to add to one of the lists?  Drop me an email!

Last updated: 04/10/2009